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Stella Star Bracelet

Stella Star Bracelet

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Stella Star Bracelet

The STELLA collection was made as a reminder to look up and be inspired. There is so much beauty in the darkness and silence of the night, as the stars lay in the sky so divinely placed. Regardless of what the day may bring, the stars will always shine at night. Look to the sky in the darkest of nights and see the stars still shining bright... May you cast your wishes and dreams, and watch in awe as your stars align.

Product Description: 

|| Adjustable cording which ranges from 6" to 9.5" circumference

|| Each bracelet is handmade in Uganda

|| Responsibly sourced materials

|| Silver-tone or gold-tone metal beads

|| Medals made in Italy

|| Each piece comes with an inspirational card

|| 6mm genuine Mother of Pearl or genuine Hematite stars

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